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Aging; Dementia; Creative Problem Solving for Successful Aging; Caregiver Relief; Older Adult & Elder Care Management, After Care, & Housing Options; Client-Focused Comfort Strategies for Older Adults and their Adult Children, Family Members, and/or Caregivers; Resource Gathering, Guidance, & Advocacy


Aging Resources; Older Adult & Elder Care Case Management; Support & Resource Gathering for Older Adults and their Adult Children, Family Members, and/or Caregivers; Senior Living Liaison; Telehealth



Older Adults, Adult Children of Older Adults, Family Members of Older Adults, Caregivers of Older Adults, Individuals, Groups

Katherine (Trina) P. Cardinal, MS, CDP

Founder of

Cardinal Gerontology


Aging Resources Concierge

Katherine (Trina) Cardinal


BA: Skidmore College

MS: University of Massachusetts Boston

CDP: Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

With the goal of increasing comfort and diminishing distress, Katherine (Trina) supports and engages all individuals involved in the older adult caregiver constellation. As an advocate and social gerontologist for older adults and their adult children, families, and caregivers, Trina brings helpful strategies to light in user-friendly and accessible ways. Using a holistic, person-centered approach, and trained in the management of aging services, she provides consultations utilizing best practices applied to the realm of successful aging. Collaborating with social workers, discharge planners, attorneys/conservators, healthcare professionals, families, and adult children, Trina serves as a key resource, concierge, liaison, and/or advocate for those managing chronic conditions, various disabilities, and progression on the aging continuum. 

In various capacities throughout her career, Trina has been a valued resource, connecting vulnerable individuals to specialists and engaging community resources to help people successfully navigate obstacles at critical life junctures. After obtaining a master’s in gerontology in management of aging services from The University of Massachusetts, she became a certified dementia practitioner and was recognized with an award by the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies for her work and research on social wellness across the lifespan.


Through Cardinal Gerontology, which Trina launched in 2016, she works with families of older adults remotely, in their own homes, and within senior living communities. Trina helps seniors and families remotely throughout the U.S., and she provides in-person assistance in Connecticut. 


Trina worked as a licensed CT realtor from 2006 to 2016 guiding families and older adults through the buying, selling, downsizing, and moving process. She also worked in a more broadly defined social services field with young adults and families in crisis from 1989 to 2010.


“Trina led our family in the transition process by reviewing every available option… Her knowledge of the aging services industry and her unique listening ability clearly assisted our family in the "what to do" process. Trina understands the fears that older people encounter when they approach the conclusion that it is time to seek daily living help. She coordinated meetings, planned the move to the new community, worked with physicians, and held my mother’s hand every step of the way. Thanks to her knowledge and support, my family made a confident decision that will help my mother live a better quality of life. (~ Ken S.)”


“A true talent for working with older adults (with health challenges), we all felt that Trina had given our friend the gift of helping her through the dying process. (~ Renee G. Counselor)”


“Visits [with Trina] bring me joy. I feel like I have a sensible and helpful friend, not just a caregiver. It also makes me feel better that I do not have to rely on my family for everything. (~ Clara S.)

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