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How do I schedule an appointment?


Each practitioner who is part of our Izlind collective community manages their own independent practices and businesses. Please contact a practitioner(s) directly to schedule. 


Each practitioner has a bio page that provides details including contact information, credentials, and specializations. There are two pathways to access practitioners’ pages:


In the menu, click on Meet Our Team, then click on a practitioner’s photo to access their page.


In the menu, click on Services. You will be taken to our list of Services page. Click on the service(s) that interests you, and you will be brought to a page that provides expanded information, including a list of practitioners who offer that particular service. Click on a practitioner’s name, and you will be brought directly to their bio page.


Are appointments also available in person?


Though Izlind is a collective community of practitioners who provide services remotely, some practitioners also are available for in-person services. Please contact each practitioner directly to ask for more information.


How much do sessions cost?


Fees vary and are determined independently by practitioner. Please contact practitioners directly to ask for more information.


Do you accept insurance?


None of the practitioners in our Izlind collective community accept insurance. However, some practitioners are able to provide an invoice that you can submit to your insurance company for personal reimbursement. Please contact practitioners directly to ask for more information. 


What if I’m not sure which services I need or which practitioners are the best match for my needs? 


If you have general questions or would like assistance, please contact us at A member of Izlind’s collective community will respond to your email and will be happy to provide guidance.

If you would like to receive more in-depth guidance as you try to navigate our service and practitioner options, please also contact us at, and request a phone consultation. A member of Izlind’s collective community will be available to speak with you by phone for a brief 10-15 minute consultation at no cost to try to help you determine which services and which practitioners could best support your needs.

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