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Depression; Anxiety; Complex PTSD, Trauma, and Dissociation; Addictions; Autism Spectrum Disorder



General Psychotherapy; Comprehensive Resource Model; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Creative Arts Therapy; Dynamic Embodiment


Adolescents, Adults, Older Adults, Individuals, Groups

Theresa Haney, LCAT

Dance Movement Therapist

Creative Arts Therapist

Theresa Haney


BGS: Ohio University

MS: Hunter College

Theresa has been practicing in the field of psychotherapy since 1993, starting with adults and children in inpatient psychiatry and day treatment programs in the South Bronx, to kids with high-functioning autism through her social skills programs at Damselfly Center in the Hudson Valley NY, and as a Relationship Development Intervention Consultant for parents of kids diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. In 2012, she shifted gears to focus on working with adults in individual therapy and groups, and today is working virtually with adolescents and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, complex PTSD (CPTSD), dissociation, and addiction. 


As a body-based, trauma-informed Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Theresa provides a safe space for clients who are ready to explore their internal world and to make the changes needed to create a positive personal transformation. Theresa uses creativity and visualization as tools for exploration.

Theresa believes that one’s imagination can bypass parts of the brain that keep us stuck in unwanted behaviors, making it easier to access parts that hold answers and potential for resolution. Theresa helps her clients engage their minds and bodies to obtain insight, access and resolve pain-filled memories, and ultimately to build resources that calm the central nervous system and enable the reaching of our full potential.

When emotions stir within, causing anxiety, depression, or distress in relationships, life can feel overwhelming. Theresa views these shifts as gifts and as an opportunity to free oneself from experiences that hold us back - like an indicator light pointing toward one’s higher self, clearing the way for only dreamed of personal growth.

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