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Personal Growth; Empowerment; Self-Discovery & Self-Development; Stress Reduction; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Relationship Challenges; Enhancing Quality of Life; Singing; Playing Guitar; Songwriting


Music Therapy; Breath Work; Voice, Guitar & Songwriting Lessons; Astrology Readings; Tarot Readings; Spiritual Coaching & Guidance; Telehealth; Teletherapy



All Ages & Populations, Individuals, Couples, Groups

Pete Crotty, LCAT

Creative Arts Therapist

Music Therapist

Astrology Reader & Guide

Tarot Reader

Spiritual Coach

Crotty Peter - Bio Photo bw.png


BA: SUNY New Paltz

Astrology & Tarot: Self-Taught for Over 30 years

Pete (Pedro) Crotty is a Creative Arts Therapist specializing in Music Therapy, and he has also been studying and offering tarot and astrology readings for over 30 years. He has worked with and counseled adults, teens, and children with psychiatric illnesses and various types of disabilities as well as with individuals, couples, and groups who seek: greater empowerment; self-awareness; and emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth.

For as long as he can remember, Pete has had an innate spiritual and psychic gift that he has developed and strengthened since childhood. His goals always include helping people (and himself!) to be the best they can be.

Pete published his first book in August 2022 entitled Create Your Own Horoscope - A Simple Guide to Astrology and has been incorporating this book as a guide via workshops throughout New York’s Hudson Valley and virtually online. Pete volunteers for the “Holistic Health Community” of Stone Ridge, NY; and he volunteers at the Hudson Valley’s “O+ Festival.” Pete also performs with the bands “WHOAH!” and “NCM.”

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