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Stress; General Well-Being; Autoimmune Diseases; Arthritis; Cancer Symptoms & Treatment Side Effects


Usui Reiki; Karuna Reiki; Volcano Reiki; Pranic Healing; Chakra Balancing; Tarot Reading; Reiki Certifications & Trainings; Telehealth


Adolescents, Adults, Older Adults, Individuals, Groups

Lorry Salluzzi

Founder of

Soma Healing Centers

Reiki Master Sensei

Master Energy Healer

Meditation Guide

Tarot Reader

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Lorry Salluzzi


AA: Nassau Community College
Ordination: Spirit Connection Church

Lorry Salluzzi Sensei became certified as a Reiki Master over 30 years ago with the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai method. As founder of the Soma Healing Centers, Lorry has served as a Master Healer and Reiki Teacher since 1991. Lorry is the creator of the Volcano Reiki Method; and she holds additional certifications in Karuna Reiki, Regenesis Healing, Hypnotherapy, and Magnified Healing with Violet Light. 


Lorry’s approach to Energy Healing is highly integrative, and she offers several possibilities to enable customization for each of her clients. Her private one-to-one sessions include various and integrated forms of Reiki, guided imagery, chakra sound healing, and a brief Tarot Reading. In addition to her energy work, Lorry’s guided imagery meditations are renowned for their healing and deeply calming effects. Furthermore, Lorry’s Tarot Card Readings (supported by her intuitive abilities as a clairvoyant healer) are experienced by clients as therapeutic. All of these modalities are offered virtually / remotely.


Lorry has taught several types of Reiki and other forms of energy healing in the Hudson Valley and Long Island regions of New York State since 1991, additionally in California and Hawaii since 2015, and virtually around the world since 2020. She provides customized certification and training programs for all levels of Reiki, and is frequently interviewed as an expert on numerous TV and radio shows. 


“As a physician who practices traditional osteopathic hands-on medicine, I am sensitive and cautious when it comes to energy healers. I have known Lorry for over 30 years and she is the real deal, channeling pure love as she does her work. She is the only healer I allow to treat me or recommend to my patients.” Wesley Beth Reiss, D.O.

Office locations for in-person sessions: Drobbin Wellness Center, North Bellmore, NY; Mirabai, Woodstock, NY: Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY.

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