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Stress and Anxiety Reduction; General Well-Being; Re-Awakening 5 Senses; Child Development; Creative Arts



Nature Meditation; Nature Coaching; Forest Bathing; Guided Outdoor Mindful Experiences; Telehealth


Children, Adolescents, Adults, Older Adults, Artists & Creatives, Corporate Groups

Judy Sadoff

Founder & CEO of

Arcady 5

Nature & Forest Coach

Nature Meditation Instructor

Mindful Outdoor Guide

Judy Sadoff


BA: Skidmore College

Certified Mindful Outdoor Guide: Kripalu Center for Yoga

Certified Yoga to Grow Teacher 

Certified Early Childhood Music & Movement teacher: ECMMA

Certified Child Life Specialist: Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital


Chipmunk's Guide - Judy Sadoff.jpg

The Chipmunks' Guide to Forest Bathing: Finding Wisdom in Nature (Paperback)
by Judy Pearl Fisher (Judy Sadoff)


Let us heal ourselves & our world one breath at a time. A graduate of the Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide Program, Judy is a lifetime learner and practitioner of Shrinrin Yoku (or Forest Bathing). Sharing a sense of wonder and love for the land is her passion. 

Judy loves planting seeds of connection to the outdoors and believes deeply that we are all connected – to each other, to the earth, and to everything in between. Sitting in nature is a reciprocal relationship: the earth gives to us, and we give to her. Finding and experiencing this connection can be profoundly healing as we both give and receive and express our gratitude for such an exchange. 


Prior to focusing her professional life on nature as an agent for healing, Judy was a journalist who covered local, regional, and environmental news as a reporter and news anchor in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Vermont. Using her voice in a complementary way, as a Child Life Specialist, Judy worked at hospitals as a singer to children prior to their surgeries as a means to help them relax.  


Arcady 5, Judy’s lifelong family property in Woodstock, NY, is a simple pastoral paradise overlooking the mountains and the Ashokan Reservoir. Judy’s childhood was spent walking in the woods, singing to the trees, catching frogs, finding tiny strawberries, collecting wildflowers, and building forest villages out of twigs, stone & moss. The smells and sounds of the forest always transport her back to simpler times. 

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