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Grief Support

Additional Qualitfications: AAP, 500hr RYT, E-RYT


Mindful Grieving: 6 Week or 3 Month Programs
An introduction to a somatic-based approach to grieving loss through guided meditation, journaling, group sharing, accessible yoga postures, relaxation, and integration. Sessions are 2-hours weekly, and groups are limited to 6-10 participants.

Self-Care for Grief Program: A six session personalized program in which Ayurvedic, Mindfulness and Yoga practices are tailored to offer ease to the individual grieving process or to support caregivers. Sessions are 90 minutes each.

Holding Space for Grief for Caregivers: Personalized 75-minute sessions focused on developing compassionate listening and validation skills for caregivers, family members, or friends supporting the bereaved. Includes simple self-care practices.

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