Resolve to Enhance Self in the Coming Year

by Dr. Beth Gershuny for Living & Being

New Year's Resolutions

’Tis the season … to make resolutions. Each year, many of us go through similar routines of looking back on the prior year and seeing things we did not like, did not do well and did not work hard enough on – things we would like to change and do differently in the upcoming year.

Often at the top of the heap among these desired changes is a resolution to enhance health – to become more fit, to eat better, to meditate more, and to actually focus on taking care of ourselves despite the vast array of responsibilities and expectations that tug at us on a daily basis. Also often at the top of the heap is a desire to enhance relationships – to reach out more to loved ones, to communicate better, to strengthen an existing relationship or to connect with someone new and forge new relationships.

With the beginnings of 2016 upon us, it is time once again to begin anew and to follow through on the resolutions we earnestly create but often do not maintain.

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