About James Philip

James Philip, a Scot, based in Kent, near London, brings more than 20 years of experience and passionate delivery of Energy Wisdom, Shamanic Spiritual Healing and Channeled Guidance offered from the spiritual collective Eagle Alchemy.


James is the founder of Energy Wisdom, a thriving school and healing practise based in Central London, specialising in various forms of energy healing, channelling, psychic sensing and consciousness development, and with remote services supporting thousands of people around the world into good health and wellbeing.


He is faculty and a consultant at the College of Psychic Studies, London and founder of the Alchemy Energetics shamanic spiritual healing system, offering Eagle Alchemy workshops, retreats, group healing and individual sessions internationally, in Scotland, UK, Europe and USA, and is a regular visiting teacher to nearby Omega Holistic Institute, New York. 


James will be at Izlind during the month of July and is available on select days for individual appointments and will also host a series of workshops.

Eagle Alchemy
Individual Sessions in July: Thursday 18, Friday 19 & Monday 22

55mins / $175.00

85mins / $250.00


Individual Sessions are uniquely tailored from the following services for each at the start of each session and may often involve a combination of channeled guidance and energy healing


Energy Wisdom - Channeled Consciousness Coaching & Guidance

Shamanic Energy Healing and Assessment

Psychic Intuition 


As well as our physical and psychological health we all have spiritual and energetic health which is skillfully accessed through energy gateways in our subtle energy field eg: chakras, meridians and other energetic structures and pathways.


Through a range of tried and tested energy healing; subtle sensing practices, James accesses and channels the highest quality information and energies to the client, to enhance awareness; support and guide; deeply cleanse, nourish and strengthen all of the energy systems, restoring optimal energetic vitality and in turn improved integrative holistic health; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


These sessions can be for general guidance, energetic health, well-being, understanding and/ or focused directly on specific known issues or "dis-ease" which the client may share at the start of each session.


Often one session will be deeply impactful but sometimes a 3 series is recommended.


Schedule your appointment by emailing James directly using the link below.